Our Story


Cacao Now is the chocolate-child of one Swedish stargazer and groove maker, who hand makes every batch with one vision in mind: serve people and planet simultaneously, and seek nothing short of cosmic deliciousness.

It all started with a visit to a small cacao farm near Tarapoto, Peru. My connection with Theobroma Cacao was like love at first sight! Rarely in my life have I felt such a strong and instant passion and connection.

The seed of Cacao Now was, however, planted long before landing in the cacao orchards in Peru. I have a diploma in nutrition, and have been interested in optimal eating and healing foods for as long as I can remember. Being an avid all-around athlete, the connection between great food and great performance has been the driving force behind all my creations.tove

I was always looking for that perfect energy bar: great tasting of course, made with whole foods and no processed sugars or soy fillers. It had to be as convenient as junk food, but delivering real nutrition and real sustainable energy.

Since I couldn’t find what I needed, I made it myself.

Although the original concept was an energy bar for the backcountry athlete, my creations appeal to anyone interested in food that makes them feel great, food that’s made with love, food with high vibrations, a convenience food made from real ingredients.

I truly believe what we eat is foundational for our health and well-being. I also believe we can all make a change globally through our everyday eating choices.

Tove Redeby, Founder of Cacao Now

Everyday choices change the world.

Even choosing not-so-ordinary chocolate.

Shop with love. Eat with love. Wear leopard print. Dance.



Our mission is:

  • to provide highly vibrating energy snacks that serve the body, soul and community
  • to spread the love and the wisdom of cacao
  • to contribute to the food industry with high-integrity nutrition, not junk
  • to nurture the connection between global health and our everyday choices
  • to operate a conscious business that supports health and prosperity, for clients, suppliers, and workers, as well as our entire planet.

There is a joyful, growing awareness in the general public, to be curious about their health, to feel empowered to make different diet choices, to embrace what foods make them feel truly alive. We are very excited to be a part of that movement, and to serve something truly valuable for our health.

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