Cacao Ceremony

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In the vast realm of botanical wonders, each plant offers its unique wisdom and medicine. Within this space, cacao shows up as a potent heart medicine, revered in ceremonial practices for fostering connection and heart expansion. Its essence works deeply with the heart, facilitating openings and connection to Self, others, and the universal essence of love and oneness. Far beyond a mere treat, cacao embodies profound healing and wisdom that transcends the perception of the mind.

Throughout centuries and cultures, cacao has been honored for its ceremonial significance and potent healing properties, intricately woven into Central and South American traditions, where cacao is known as gift from the gods, a sacred elixir that nourishes both body and spirit.   Its true potency reveals itself when approached with reverence and intention—from cultivation to consumption.

In the sacred space of ceremony, cacao assumes the role of guide and teacher. Infused with intention and prayers, cacao ceremony offers an expansive journey guided by the spirit of cacao itself. As a facilitator, I provide a nurturing container for this sacred exploration, allowing cacao to lead the way, while creating a safe environment for participants to open their hearts and connect with love and the Divine.

My own relationship with cacao unfolded in the embrace of ceremony. While working with another plant master in Peru, a serendipitous encounter led me to ingest copious amount of raw cacao, sending me on an unexpected wild voyage. This journey led me to a humble cacao farm near Tarapoto in the Peruvian Amazon. Immersed in the magic of these mystical cacao orchards something profound stirred within me—a transformational experience beyond this world that forever changed my life.

The allure of chocolate extends beyond mere indulgence; it speaks to the inherent bond between cacao and love. With over 300 discernible chemical compounds, cacao’s scientific complexity only hints at its mystical and spiritual essence. When cultivated consciously and consumed in its raw and purest form, cacao embodies ancient wisdom—a sacred gift from the Divine.

While commercial chocolate may offer glimpses of cacao’s magic, its true medicine lies within intentional ceremony. Infused with intention and nurtured with care, ceremonial cacao invites us to embark on a sacred journey—a voyage of heart, soul, and spirit.

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