Entering the cacao orchards was like love at first sight.

Cacao Now is the chocolate child of Swedish stargazer and groove maker Tove Redeby. She prepares each batch by hand, with one vision in mind — to serve both people and the planet simultaneously, by alchemizing nothing less than cosmic deliciousness.

Her footsteps first fell onto the chocolate path after stumbling upon a small Amazonian cacao farm near Tarapoto, Peru. Without specifically searching for cacao, she landed in the middle of its orchards, and surrendered to the heartbeat of the harvest — eating the raw fruit, fermenting and sun-drying it, and forging a relationship to the spirit of the plant. Like love at first sight, rarely in her life had she felt such a deep and undeniable passion or connection.

The seeds that sprouted Cacao Now were, however, planted long before Tove landed in the Peruvian cacao orchards. She had already received a diploma in nutrition, and had been devoted to optimal eating, high-vibration ingredients, and to the concept that food can heal us, for as long as memory serves her.

Food made with love and high-vibration ingredients is medicine for the body, mind and soul.

As an avid, all-around athlete, the connection between vibrant food and superior performance has always fuelled her creations. Thus, Cacao Now was a product of her own personal search for the perfect energy bar — something organic and delicious, made with whole foods, and with no refined sugars or nasty fillers. It had to be as convenient as your average snack food, while actually delivering real nutrition and sustainable energy. And since she couldn’t find what she needed, she made it herself.

Now armed with the perfect energy bar for all her adventures, over time, Tove — a dedicated meditator — also began to notice the effect that eating conscious food had on her own consciousness and well-being.

She realized that any food made with love, high-vibration ingredients, and from ethical sources is medicine for the body, mind and soul. Not only do our everyday food choices change us, they also ripple out and change the world, creating a global impact that supports sustainability, ethicality, and the benefit of all humankind.

“The vibration of our food is the pulse of the planet.”
— Tove Redeby, Founder of Cacao Now —