BUDDHA BITES – Nuts & Seeds


For those who love a good crunch, these bites are sure to please. They’re just loaded with a variety of nuts and seeds, all whole and all raw. 

A perfect snack for any time of day, the Nuts & Seeds Bites pair deliciously with coffee or tea, can fuel up a lunch break — yes, they work as a meal replacement! — and can seriously serve your energy levels while playing outside, climbing a mountain, cleaning the house, or merely tending to that yummy sugar craving. 

Ingredients: Love*, Cacao Nibs*, Dates*, Raisins*, Virgin Coconut oil*, Pumpkin Seeds*, Sunflower Seeds*, Cashews*, Hemp Hearts*, Cacao Butter*, Almonds*, Coconut*, Cacao Powder*, Antarctic Sea Salt*

*All ingredients are ORGANIC, Ethically Sourced and Raw

All bites are made and cut by hand, therefore the size and the appearance may differ. Nutrition data is based on an average size piece, which weighs in at 11 grams.

Please note – due to risk of breakage and added weight, all online orders are sold and shipped in bags, not glass jars. If it is your preference, we will ship in glass jars, please make a note in the comment field at check out.