BUDDHA BITES – Original Gangster


BUDDHA BITES – Original Gangster

Formerly known as: ENERGY BITES

These energy bites are the Original Gangster.

They came into this world as the ultimate sports nutrition bar for myself, and on my all day adventures in the mountains (alpine running, mountain biking, skiing, hiking), this is commonly all that I would bring.

The bites are a divine blend of raw cacao nibs, dates and raisins, and sunflower seeds and hemp hearts.

For ultimate digestion and easiest access to the energy provided, dried fruits should not be combined with nuts, which is why the bars only have seeds.

Bring THE BITES on your adventures, whether they be in the mountains, taking the kids to the park, or making it through the adventure of an afternoon at work….

Of course, the Bites are excellent as a treat as well – no adventures required

Ingredients: LOVE* Cacao Nibs* Sunflower Seeds* Raisins* Dates* Hemp Hearts* Cacao Butter* Cacao Powder* Antarctic Sea Salt*

*ORGANIC, Raw, Fair Trade, Ethically sourced.

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