Raw Chocolate gRAWnola

grawnolaRAW CHOCOLATE gRAWnola

The gRAWnola is the most delectable and nutritious granola you ever had! But more than just granola, it’s a great trail mix or snack on its own.

Like everything else from Cacao Now, it is not baked, but raw, and contains no other sweetener than the dates and raisins.

So Yum!

Ingredients: Love*, Sunflower Seeds*, Buckwheat*, Raisins*, Cashews*, Pumpkin Seeds*, Ecuadorian Cacao Nibs*, Almonds*, Hemp Hearts*, Coconut Oil*, Dates*, Cacao Butter*, Cinnamon*, Antarctic sea salt*.

* ORGANIC, Raw, Fair Trade, Ethically sourced.


Price $11 (220g.)img_1945